Friday, July 3, 2009

A New Venture

This blog was "born" on July 3, 2009. I don't know what to expect, but I hope it serves to help the readers grow closer to God.

God wants us to be in relationship with the Divine; and we build relationships through communication. God is not threatened by your questions, nor is your salvation dependent on your grasp or proclamation of any particular doctrine.

Obviously, Jacob's Well is directed at people who identify as Christians or who are drawn to Christianity. Christianity is a religion of community, and no blog, chat room, or other form of "virtual" community can take the place of involvement in a living faith community. If you live in the area, you are welcome to worship with us at North Long Beach Christian Church, 1115 E. Market Street in Long Beach, California; otherwise, unless somehow prevented from doing so, whether by physical limitation or some other confinement, I encourage you to find a church where you can learn and grow and participate in the "Priesthood of all Believers."


  1. From what seemed like a fairly random conversation on Facebook to a full blown virtual church in under 24 hours - Wow! I do note that it Jacobs Well is based in Long Beach rather than Mars, but still, an impressive leap of faith. May it bear the fruit of the Spirit abundantly.

  2. Dear Pastor Well,

    My name is J.D. Rollins and I was earnestly praying to rent a room out at one of the ministry's homes in Long Beach, California. I spoke with a Ms. Joan, a vibrantly nice lady, who had no intention to renting the room out to me. I told her I would be willing to change my church to another since the message of Christ doesn't change only the message of the Church does. I need to move out of my current place by 1 September 2017 (next month). I explained to her I have no problem attending bible study three times a day and since I will have a private room the only thing I am asking for is quiet so I can work on my manuscripts. Dystel and Goderich Literary are reading one of my manuscripts now for potential publication. I told her I am a very quiet and highly clean individual and when I am not studying the Good Word or writing I am normally bike riding and playing tennis. I have no family and in desperate need for assistance. I felt in my soul the set up would have been ideal since it is located in Long Beach, where I've lived for 15 years now. I told her I am on a strict diet by my doctor since dinner is normally provided but she thought that was odd. How is eating a strict diet odd? I felt since we were both devout loving Christians she would help me out and meet with me and hopefully find me compatible but she was adamant on not giving me a try. Joan seemed lovely over the phone but her apprehension was erroneous and unfair. I feel as thought I have been prejudged without a fair social meeting to determine my compatibility. I will be homeless if I am unable to find a place by next month. Is there any way you can possible help me in this compacity. my number is 562.991.2741. Thank you kindly and God bless you.


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